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Sigma Kappa Bags & Totes

If there's one thing that everyone who's in college needs, it's a sturdy school bag. Some of the Sigma Kappa Bags and Totes in this section are just right for college.

Get a special bag that you can use both at school and at your internship or work study job during the year. The Emblem Briefcase is just the thing. It's designed to hold a small laptop, a couple of textbooks or notebooks, your writing tools and small electronics. If you're still a freshman transitioning from high school, you might like the Sigma Kappa Backpack instead. It comes in purple and black, black on black and other color combinations.

If the chapter has put you in charge of planning the next party, visit the dollar store with a Design Your Own Tote Bag on your arm. It's 18 inches x 16 inches in size, so it can fit a lot of stuff. It's also made of 50% recycled material, so you're helping out the environment in two ways. You decide what will be imprinted at the bottom of the bag.

As soon as you receive your Sigma Kappa Bag or Tote in the mail start organizing it with your school supplies, makeup, accessories and notebooks. It will be a bag you'll want to hold onto for many semesters.