Sigma Kappa Drinkware & Glassware

You can count on finding great deals on popular Sigma Kappa sorority gifts here at Greek Gear, including Drinkware and Glassware. Start with the basics -- items that you'll use regularly at home.

Use the Monogrammed Giant Plastic Cup as a pencil holder for your desk. Every time you reach for something to write with you'll be reminded of the wonderful organization that you've chosen to join -- an everlasting sisterhood that's dedicated to "bringing women together to positively impact our communities." In fact, you can add snippets of your sorority mission statement to a few of the items listed in this section, including the Greek Bistro Mug.

The Sigma Kappa Mascot Tumbler is a pretty little cup that every new member should have. It's white with a flirty fun purple and pink design on the front. Buy this cup in bulk for recruiting season and save. It will fit right into the chapter budget.

When you see the Sigma Kappa Drinkware and Glassware that we have in store, you might be inspired to buy almost every cup we have in stock for yourself and the other members of your chapter to use this year at school. We have great deals and low cost shipping, so fill up on Greek Gear today!