Sigma Kappa Blankets, Pillows & Home Goods

Bring the beauty of your sorority to the place where you rest every night by buying Sigma Kappa Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods. All of the items that you'll find on this page will instantly spruce up even the blandest of dorm rooms.

After a long day of classes, come home, kick off your shoes and wrap yourself up in a Huge Laser Blanket. As you can see, it's blue, it's large and it's made with your unique sorority images. Your crest is surrounded by a circular banner that contains your 1917 founding year. At the right hand corner, there's a place where you can enter a name or date. Maybe you'll write in the centennial date of March 25, 2017.

On pre-recruitment days, you want to stay as visible as possible on campus. That's when interests really start to get to know you and your organization. Set up a table on the main walk on campus with a Mascot Tablecloth on top. There's an image of the torch in the front of the cloth along with your fraternity name and a space for text (for example, “One Hope of Many People").

Keep our Sigma Kappa Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods in mind each year you return to school with a new dorm room to decorate. See more home goods by clicking the “Shop Now" link.