Sigma Lambda Gamma Drinkware & Glassware

Part of being a sorority woman in college is showing your pride in your organization in even the smallest of ways. Take a minute today to order shocking pink and majestic purple Sigma Lambda Gamma Drinkware and Glassware to fill your kitchen cupboards.

Glassware is a very meaningful gift. It is transparent and durable, yet delicate and must be handled with care -- kind of like a person's heart. The choice of which mug to buy for your trophy display will be "clear" when you see the Sigma Lambda Gamma Glass Stein. It's the type of mug that you may have every intention of using, but when you see it you just want to keep it safe and protected in a display case or cupboard.

The SLG Coffee Sleeve is a beautiful and environmentally responsible way to enjoy your hot cup of coffee, whether you're at school or work. If you show up to lecture with this pretty purple and pink sleeve, don't be surprised when potential interests take notice and start to ask you about your celebrated cultural organization.

Give a new member the gift of Sigma Lambda Gamma Drinkware and Glassware. You'll be giving her something that she'll use and look at every day.