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Sigma Nu Jackets & Sportswear

Sigma Nu Jackets & Sportswear

You're in the right place for popular outerwear that is in-demand with Greeks of all ages. Many of these Sigma Nu Jackets are for that turn of the season weather when you're not sure if it will be sunny or cloudy, rainy of windy.
The sporty frat man will quickly grow accustomed to wearing the lightweight Wind Shit when running or jogging. It's designed with a V-neck collar and cinched sleeve ends to keep your torso warm. Wear it over your favorite t-shirt or tank top when making your rounds around the park or campus. The Anorak is also a light jacket that does an amazing job at keeping you comfortable when outside in the spring or fall.
You might feel as if you're about to "take off' when you're wearing the Challenger Jacket. It's designed with high collars that you can pull up around your neck when it's extra blustery outside. It's filled with a material that acts as a barrier against the cold. It has a full zipper to makes it easy to take off and put back on.
Every one of our Sigma Nu Jackets and Sportswear items are stamped with your fraternal insignia. Enlarge each image to see the detail.