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Sigma Phi Epsilon Car Merchandise

If you're a driver, you'll be pleased to learn that we have specialty fraternity gear for your car! Order Sigma Phi Epsilon Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.
You can display pride in your fraternity even when you're driving by adding the Chrome License Plate Frame to your license plate. It's a way to reinforce your plate while letting the world know how much you love your fraternity. If you prefer to add your own custom message, choose the custom frame -- you can type in a short message like "Brotherly Love" or "Balanced Men" to appear on the bottom.
If you're tired of having nothing on the front end of your car, get one of our License Covers. There's one that comes in red with your letters in white with a crest on the left hand side. Another style is purple with red Greek letters and the fraternal name spelled out in white across the middle. Keep scrolling and you'll find a special Light Up Power Decal, which is available to SigEp members.
Every time you park your car or head out on the road, you'll let the world know about your fraternal affiliation with Sigma Phi Epsilon Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames from They also make great gifts for upperclassmen!