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Sigma Phi Epsilon Stickers & Decals

Sigma Phi Epsilon Stickers & Decals

Whether you're a neo or a veteran member in college, you'll love having Sigma Phi Epsilon Stickers and Decals at your fingertips. You can put them on anything from a cellphone cover to a skateboard or hover board.
Stick with us at Greek Gear and you'll always be flush with quality fraternity paraphernalia. Get a set of stickers, like the ones on the Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet. There are red and purple stickers, crest stickers and decals spelling out your fraternity name in gold Old English letters. There's one for just about every personal item you use or carry with you each day to school.
We also have individual stickers that are sized to fit common items, like notebooks and electronics. The Euro Decal Oval Sticker is sized just right for the front of a portfolio or the top of your mini laptop. There's also a car sticker that you can stretch across the back inside window of your vehicle. It's one of the easiest ways to attract the attention of fellow members who go to other schools, or who are alum of the organization.
Everything you own and use every day can be decorated with your Sigma Phi Epsilon colors and images when you buy these Stickers and Decals. Order plenty to take advantage of quantity discounts on your order.