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Sigma Pi Sale Items

If you've been hunting for deals on Sigma Pi gear, you've finally got your big catch. These Sale Items and closeouts are hot sellers, not just because they're affordable but also because they look amazing. Who knew that you could find a high quality cotton tee for around 10 bucks with low cost shipping online? That's what you get when you order the Lettered Tee. White tee, purple Greek letters etched across your chest, what more do you need when it comes to a fraternity shirt? Other apparel color choices are available, including gold, yellow and black. For about $5 more you can get yourself a short sleeved t-shirt that features twill cotton Greek letters instead. The group colors are already chosen -- purple with a gold border, but you can change them around if you'd like. The same option is available for the Lettered Tank Top, which can be worn under a button-down shirt (like the Classic Oxford, which you'll find under the Polos and Oxfords section). Leave your shirt open and you've got the "superman" look, except you're more like a super Greek! You are bound to find something you'll like here at Greek Gear, and at a really nice deal when you order Sigma Pi merchandise from our Sale Items section.