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Sigma Sigma Sigma Buttons, Pins & Magnets

Browse through the medley of Sigma Sigma Sigma Buttons, Pins and Magnets that we have for sale at Greek Gear. They come in all shapes and sizes, and purple and white colors.

If you want to own the most complete collection of sorority buttons, order the Sorority Buttons 6-Pack and the Button set. As you see in the profile picture, there are a total of nine different buttons, so you have something unique to wear every day of the week. One of your favorites will be the button imprinted with Sigma Sigma Sigma in lower cased script letters.

When you receive the 110% Sorority Button in the mail, set a moment aside to take an Instagram photo of the moment. Why not let your followers know just how much dedication you have to your sorority ties. Another nice pick for an Instagram pic is the I Love Tri Sigma Button. Be prepared for plenty of likes from your sisters and remember to tag it #TriSig .

Why not fill up a jar full of Sigma Sigma Sigma Buttons, Pins and Magnets and keep it in the foyer of your chapter house so that you and your fellow members always have para to grab on the way to your classes? Great idea, have a fun time shopping at Greek Gear!