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Sigma Sigma Sigma Stationery, Pens & Pencils

Whether you have a writing assignment that will take months or one that will take a few seconds to complete, Sigma Sigma Sigma Stationery, Pens and Pencils will be of use. There's something special about having writing materials that pay homage to your sorority affiliation.

When you love to write, getting a fresh pad of paper and new pen is like getting a new canvas to draw on, complete with paintbrushes and paint. Feed your need to journal or write short stories by ordering a purple Tri Sigma Portfolio. The pad of paper inside has enough sheets to keep you busy for a few weeks or longer -- you can replace it at any time.

If you're an artist at heart who likes to scribble and draw in your downtime, order a few Tri Sigma pencils and a Mascot Notepad. Create drawings of your favorite sorority sisters and give them as gifts, signed with the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority name on the top. You never know just how much small gestures like this means.

Don't ever underestimate the power of a pen and paper. Get Sigma Sigma Sigma Stationery, Pens and Pencils for your desk and to tote with you everywhere you go on your college campus!