Tau Beta Sigma  Alumni, Graduation Stoles & Gifts

Tau Beta Sigma Alumni, Graduation Stoles & Gifts

Greek Gear is excited to help you celebrate becoming a graduate this year! Make the day even more special when you get Tau Beta Sigma Alumni and Graduation Gifts.

When you graduate, everyone will finally have a chance to recognize your achievements, including successfully navigating college life as a Greek, band member, and student. It's not easy to pull A's and B's in college while hosting recruitment events, going to community service, practicing your instrument every weekend, organizing meetings, and networking with potential employers.

You've come a long way as a college student, bandswoman, and member of one of the finest sororities in the country. When you arrive at your graduation ceremony make sure you have a gorgeous Greek lettered Graduation Sash Stole draped across your shoulders, as is appropriate. Gift ideas for TBSigma graduates include picture frames, keepsake boxes, key chains, drinkware, and car merchandise.

You won't regret picking up a few extra things from Greek Gear for graduation day. It's important that you put in your order weeks before to ensure you have everything you'll need in hand before your last day of classes. Let us be your point of contact for all the minor and major Tau Beta Sigma sorority items you'll need for that unforgettable day.