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Tau Delta Phi Made Fast Items

Are you short on time but urgently need good Greek Gear for Tau Delta Phi brothers? No worries, your shopping experience will be simple and straightforward when you shop our selection of Easy to Order - Made Fast Items.
Want a basic white frat tee that you can wear everywhere throughout the year? Just drop the $9.95 Crest Tee in your cart and check out. It's pre-designed in white with navy blue lettering and ready to go. What about a hat? Click the Greek Hat link, pick the hat/thread color and you're all set. For a quick order hoodie, pick the Lettered Hooded Sweatshirt -- choose the size/apparel/letter/border/super background color and send it to straight to your cart.
The items you order from this section will usually arrive on your dorm door step faster than other items in our catalog, either because they are easy to make or are already in stock. If you have a question about order processing times, contact the Greek Gear team ASAP.
Though these Tau Delta Phi Made Fast Items are Easy to Order, there is no compromising when it comes to quality. Our fraternity gear is durable and made of high quality elements -- it's Greek gear you can truly be proud of owning!