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Tau Delta Phi Signs & Flags

It's exciting to be able to show your love of your fraternity in so many unique ways thanks to the Greek Gear we sell online. One way is to hang Tau Delta Phi Signs, Flags and Banners everywhere you and your chapter brothers go as a group.
If your chapter's current house flag is in its last days of flight, order a new Tau Delt Flag from Greek Gear to replace it for the coming school year. The flag we sell in this section is white, sized at two feet by three feet, and features a blue circular emblem logo at the center. You decide what will be imprinted on the two lines below the logo. The org name and chapter name will fit there nicely.
If you really just need a few new signs for your chapter house, we're flush with options for Tau Delta Phi members. There's the blue and white Vintage Metal Sign, which should fit right above your front door or the door of your dorm room. There's also a Traditional Sign that is reminiscent of a boat house sign that you can place on your porch.
You'll be pleased with the quality and vibrancy of colors in our Tau Delta Phi Signs, Flags and Banners. Order an appropriately sized sign and take the liberty of customizing it with your messages, chapter history and more!