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Tau Delta Phi Umbrellas & Golf Items

After you're all done ordering the necessities for your year at school, including bags and books, browse our catalog of Tau Delta Phi Recreational and Golf Items.
Having fun times with your frat brothers all together in one place won't last forever, so enjoy every moment. Bring along a few items from this section, like the Recreational Chair to relax in when you need to rest up after a day of activity. If the forecast says it will be a bit chilly for your bonfire at the beach, bring a few Sweatshirt Blankets to wrap around yourself and your girlfriend.
If you're a home body but still like to have fun with your friends over a game of cards, order a Poker Set. Everything you need to play your favorite card game is inside of the box, including 2 sets of carts, chips and dice. Get one for yourself (you can have it labeled with your first and last name) or get one for the chapter to use every year and store it in the game room.
We know how important your downtime is for you and your fellow chapter brothers. Make a commitment to plenty of fun with friends this school year by ordering Tau Delta Phi Recreational and Golf Items to take along with you!