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Tau Delta Phi Desk & Office Items

Inspiration can come from so many different people, places and things. Make your desk at school or work a more inspiring place to sit by decorating it with Tau Delta Phi Desk and Office Items.
Some people prefer to have a minimal, clean desk or office while other prefer a certain level of "chaos" to get inspired. No matter your preference, you'll find something that will fit right in in this section. For a clean desk, get a fraternity Keepsake Box and fill it with all the knick knacks you use on a daily basis, including pens, pads and your stapler. Of course, you can also use it to store your small treasured items, like your Greek pin or a lavaliere.
If you would rather have a busy, colorful and full desk, start off by getting a Hard Mousepad to use with your laptop or PC. It's a bright blue pad that comes imprinted with Tau Delt Greek letters in a silvery color. Next, put a few inspirational photos on your desk framed with a Wood Picture Frame or Brush Silver Frame. Each frame can be personalized with an inspirational message, like "Brothers for Life."
Greek Gear is a reliable source for everything you might need to give your workspace a boost to the next level. After browsing our Tau Delta Phi Desk and Office Items, be sure to browse our Alumni and Graduation Gifts as well.