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Tau Epsilon Phi Key Rings & Keychains

Tired of searching through your bag feverishly for your keys? These Tau Epsilon Phi Key Rings and Keychains are the solution. Either you'll see them immediately thanks to the charm attached, or you can hook them onto your bag or a necklace for quick, secure access.

When a new member is initiated, he's excited to get anything that's imprinted with his new fraternity's letters and images. Even something as small as our Color Keychain is a big deal, which makes it a great inexpensive gift under $10. You can even have it personalized with the giftee's name, chapter or date of initiation.

A good key ring is the perfect way to identify your keys quickly, but if you think about it, there's probably a million other uses for it as well. For instance, the Pewter Key Ring that you'll find in this section is distinguished enough to hang on a briefcase or attache bag.

You can count on finding the perfect Tau Epsilon Phi Key Ring or Keychain to use yourself or to give as a practical yet inexpensive gift to a new member of the fraternity. Get a set of these for this year's initiates and enjoy a quantity discount on some items.