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Tau Epsilon Phi Paddles

After serving the Greek collegiate community for over two decades, we have a pretty good idea of what makes a great gift for a fraternity or sorority member. These Tau Epsilon Phi Paddles and Picture Frames are a good place to start if you're looking for a gift for a TEP member.

Fraternity paddles have been given as gifts to new and older members for decades. They're often used for decoration, such as hanging on the wall or putting in the back window of a car. The best part about a paddle is that each one can be uniquely designed with text and images that belong to the organization. Some are all wooden and others are painted with group colors.

This page is also populated with picture frames and treasure boxes that have a space for a photo. The perfect meaningful Greek gift is a really nice frame, like the Brush Silver Frame, with a picture that the recipient has never seen before. For many of the frames you can add the person's name as well.

Fraternity members want personalized Greek paraphernalia that will give them lasting memories. Give the Tau Epsilon Phi in your life one of these great Paddles or Picture Frames engraved with their letters and symbols.