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Tau Epsilon Phi Robes, Towels & Slippers

Every man deserves to be and feel comfortable in his own home. That's why we sell Robes, Towels and Slippers for Tau Epsilon Phi members. This is what you put on when you have a free day on the weekend to relax and chill and relax some more.

You probably spend all week on your feet, walking to class and running errands for the chapter. Give your feet a break with a pair of TEP Crest Slippers. They are black, soft and there's a full color patch of the fraternity coat of arms on top of each slipper. Match that with a Patch Bathrobe in black, white or charcoal.

You'll also find a selection of towels for Tau Epsilon Phi members, like the Giant Beach Towel, which can be personalized with a name, chapter or short fun message. Some of our customers prefer the Crest Golf Towel because it feels luxurious and comes with a grommet and hook for hanging.

As soon as you get your Tau Epsilon Phi Robes, Towels and Slippers in the mail you're probably going to want to put them on right away. Keep them close, right near your bed, or you might find your roommate wearing that comfy robe and slippers one day!