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Tau Kappa Epsilon Jewelry, Rings & Cufflinks

One of the clearest indications of a man's sense of style is the accessories he chooses to wear. If you're a Tau Kappa Epsilon member, wear Jewelry, Rings, Cufflinks & Watches as an elegant show of solidarity with your fraternity.

When you're with a lady, one of the first things she'll glance at is your hand to see if you're wearing a ring. If you have the Sterling Silver Flat Top Ring on your finger, it might spark a conversation about Greek life and what fraternity life means to you. Also see the Sterling Silver Ring with Black Enamel, which includes images of the Equilateral Triangle from your crest.

The next thing a lady will likely notice is your wrist wear. A good looking watch says volumes about your personality and how much you value your time. We have a few different styles that you'll find appealing, including the Admiral Watch and Sports Watch for TKE members. Other notable jewelry pieces for gentlemen include cufflinks, money clips and lavalieres.

You can be classy without maxxing out your credit card by simply ordering Jewelry, Rings, Cufflinks & Watches for Tau Kappa Epsilon members from Greek Gear. Consider this category when shopping for an alum member or graduating senior.