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Theta Phi Alpha Alumna, Graduation Stoles & Gifts

Help her get ready for the "real world" with Theta Phi Alpha Alumna and Graduation Gifts. We have items that can be presented to her from the day before graduation day all the way into the year after and beyond.

When she's running around the block in her new neighborhood, she can wear her Alumna Tee Shirt. Who knows, she might run into a fellow sister or Greek in her new town and begin a beautiful new friendship. This shirt is picture in blue but it's also available in gold and silver (gray). You could also order her a matching hoodie, which will remind her of college every time she wears it.

Alum member love gifts that are made to last, like the Alumna Wooden Keepsake Box. It's made of a gorgeous deep colored wood with a felt inner lining, and has golden accents and engravings. It almost looks like a prize for becoming an alumna of Theta Phi Alpha. The Alumna Wooden Pen Set is also an enduring gift that will come in handy when she's signing checks and contracts at her own business.

Think ahead of graduation day and order Theta Phi Alpha Alumna and Graduation Gifts several weeks beforehand. If necessary, we have rush options -- get in touch with the Greek Gear team if you have questions.