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Theta Phi Alpha Umbrellas & Outdoor Items

The minute you step foot back on campus, one of the first things on your mind will likely be catching up with your sorority sisters. Think ahead and order Theta Phi Alpha Recreational and Seasonal Items for shipment to your dorm.

Put all your chips on the table this semester -- literally. We sell customizable poker chips that you can use when playing sorority games or as admission to special VIP parties for serious interests. They also make nice keepsakes for the chapter to remember specific events thrown throughout the year. The Theta Phi Luggage Tag has a number of uses as well. You can have a set of them personalized with the names of your initiates and tag individual recruitment gifts. You and your sisters can wear them as name tags at rush week parties so that interests will know who to chat with.

It's not much fun getting caught out in the rain, but at least you'll finally get to use your Theta Phi Alpha Lettered Umbrella. As you can see in the picture profile, we sell one that has beautiful blue and gold stripes panels. So even on a rainy day you'll look like a ray of sunshine.

Explore our complete collection of Theta Phi Alpha Recreational and Seasonal Items and take advantage of a great Greek Gear deal.