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Theta Tau Shirts

Theta Tau Shirts

Congratulations on becoming a member of Theta Tau, the fraternity that has helped foster the careers of engineering majors since 1904. At some point in your journey as an undergrad in a fraternity, you're going to want to pick up a few cool fraternity t-shirts to wear to classes and recreational outings.

Everyone in the room will take note when they see you walk in wearing the attention-grabbing Sewn Lettered T-Shirt. Like most of our shirts they're made of soft quality cotton material accented with sturdy colorful twill sim-stitched Greek letters. Buy one with short sleeves, and one with long sleeves.

Chapters often come to Greek Gear looking for shirt ideas for their recruitment initiatives. Everyone in the chapter should have one of the same shirt. How about the World Famous Crest Tee, which is trendy and cool, yet includes an important emblem of your organization in the background: the fraternal coat of arms.

There's nothing to stop you from wearing your Theta Tau t-shirt with a pair of your favorite blue jeans just about every day, whether you're heading to campus or chilling at your dorm all day. Order a variety of shirt options to rotate throughout the week.