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Theta Tau Sweatshirts

Theta Tau Sweatshirts

It's a rite of passage of sorts just to get your very own fraternity sweatshirt. Not everyone has the privilege to wear a Greek-lettered sweatshirt -- only a chosen few! As a member, you now have the freedom and power to choose whatever Theta Tau sweatshirt you want and wear it every day if you want.

One of the first sweatshirt styles that new Greek members look for is the classic sewn lettered crewneck or hoodie. Your letters are applied to the front, four inches tall and come with a brightly colored border to really make them stand out on the fabric. On some sweatshirts, you may be able to choose both the letter and border color to make it all your own (patterns are available).

If you're a chapter who will be initiating a group of new members soon, place your bulk order for sweatshirts to give as gifts in various sizes. Decide what will be the chapter's shirt color for the year. Some chapters like to alternate colors each semester, for instance dark red in the fall, gold in the spring, and white or black the following semester.

You have loads of choices when it comes to ordering merchandise for Greeks, including wearable paraphernalia. A lettered Theta Tau sweatshirt is one item that you'll certainly want in your collection as you navigate the upcoming school year.