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Theta Xi Desk & Office Items

When you sit down in your office or at your dorm room chair every day, you should feel proud of what you've accomplished, including becoming a member of Theta Xi fraternity. These Desk and Office Items will be constant reminders of your Greek affiliation and the organization's noble principles.

Does your desk at school or work look like a disaster area? Set aside a weekend to tidy it up, then enhance it with a few items from this section of Greek Gear. You can store all of your most important small items in a Keepsake Box for Theta Xi members. It looks similar to a cigar box/humidor but it's meant for collectible items like cards, jewelry, fraternity pins and expensive pens. Use the Marble Paperweight to keep your important paperwork and bills anchored in a special place on your desk.

If you've been having trouble remembering important daily tasks, get yourself a Wipe Erase board to hang up over your desk or on the back of your dorm room door. And although many students now type their papers on iPads and other handheld devices, some still prefer to type on a laptop or PC at a desk. If you're in the latter camp, get yourself a Hard Mousepad imprinted with your Theta Xi crest logo and letters.

If you're buying one of these attractive Theta Xi Desk and Office Items for your fraternity friend or family member, he'll probably be impressed by the thoughtfulness of the gift. After all, it's something he's likely to see or use every day!