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Theta Xi Stickers & Decals

Theta Xi Stickers & Decals

We have a number of create your own products here at Greek Gear, but if you want to create a Greek gift from scratch with crafting supplies, you might need these Theta Xi Stickers and Decals for your project.

You don't need much to create your own custom fraternity gift at home. Just order the Euro Decal Oval Sticker and stick it on an item that your recipient really needs or uses often. That might be a portfolio, notebook, phone cover or wallet. One part of the sheet features an image of the Theta Xi coat of arms, and the other is a blue and white shadowed image of your Greek letters.

Neos are always ecstatic about joining the frat and want to express their fraternity pride in every way possible. If you want to get them a gift they'll definitely use throughout their first semester as Greeks on campus, get a Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet. There's a dozen or more colorful stickers with fraternity insignia in bold and Olde English fonts. For even more sticker choices, click the "Shop Now" link at the bottom of the page.

There are so many ways to use Theta Xi Stickers and Decals throughout the school year to express your fraternity pride. Order a variety of stickers in various sizes and colors, or just pick up the Multi Decal Sheet to ensure you have a good selection.