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Triangle Fraternity Bags, Briefcases & Totes

Future engineers and scientists can find the ideal bag to carry at school by shopping the assortment of Triangle Fraternity Bags, Briefcases and Totes we have for sale at Greek Gear. Bring a Greek Briefcase Bag to school and you can count on finding your assignments right away. Open the two latches in front and you'll find a convenient compartment inside for books and papers as well as pockets for your small electronics. It comes in black, cardinal (red), navy, deep smoke and a few other attractive shades. A step up from this bag is the Crest Briefcase Attache -- it's all about business with its three separate sections including a place for file folders. Cinch Sacks and Greek Backpacks are also available for members -- they come with a crest logo patch to identify the fraternity. Find all of these items and even more by browsing the "Briefcases and Bags" section under Fraternity Best Sellers. If you need your items in a hurry, click the link to find out how your order can be processed "super-fast." Are you a parent or loved one of a Triangle Fraternity member, you can rest assured that giving him a Bag, Briefcase or Tote from Greek Gear will be a gift that will be appreciated. Order one today! If youre looking for a practical gift for a new member of TRIANGLE, order a bag or tote from . The great thing about this gift idea is that some of our tote bags can be imprinted with a name or special saying. Just type in the line of text you want to appear beneath your letters, crest or mascot (depends on the style you pick).

These bags and totes are durable, attractive and extremely useful. Load ‘em up with your books for school, cellphones, laptop, paperwork and more. We even offer a professional briefcase adorned with your Greek crest that has multiple compartments. So many options to consider -- when you shop and see the amazing items we sell, you might just get carried away!