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Triangle Fraternity Jewelry, Rings & Cufflinks

The jewelry doesn't make the man -- the man makes the jewelry. When you order Triangle Fraternity Jewelry, Rings, Cufflinks & Watches to wear your upcoming fraternal affair, you will be the picture perfect example of the "balanced men" of your fraternity.
When it's time to step out on the town in style, step out with a pair of Triangle fraternity Cufflinks on your sleeves. They're made in the triangular shape of your Engineers' transit symbol and are plated with rhodium for extra shine. The Silver Lavaliere Drop is a small charm that you can wear on a chain or add to the end of a zipper.
In addition to an official fraternity pin, some chapters gift new members with a fraternity ring, like the Sterling Silver Wide Band Ring. Again, you can wear it on a chain around your neck or on your hand. If buying them as gifts, make sure you get a list of ring sizes in advance of your bulk order. Parents: if you want to give your son a distinguished looking watch, order the Greek Classic Wristwatch. His fraternity crest is set at the center of the watch's face.
You are a walking and talking representation of your fraternal values. Represent Triangle Fraternity right with Jewelry, Rings, Cufflinks & Watches from Greek Gear.