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Triangle Car Merchandise & License Plates

When you're a balanced man of Triangle Fraternity, you want the world to know about your commitment to your fraternal organization. What better way than with quality Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames from Greek Gear.
Just like every good photo deserves its own attractive frame, every license plate deserves its very own plate frame. The Custom License Plate Frame is the classic choice of members who own their own cars. The fraternity name appears on the top and a short phrase or name is imprinted at the bottom. It has a red panel (top and bottom) with silvery gray gradient lettering.
There are two different Lettered License Covers for Triangle fraternity members -- one that's gray with a red serifed font, and another that's red with a gray san-serifed font. The second option comes imprinted with an image of the fraternal crest on the left hand side. Just use a few screws to secure these license covers to your vehicle.
You have at least two advantages over the rest of the guys at you're school -- you're a Triangle Fraternity member and you're one of the few college guys who owns his own car on campus. Take a moment to purchase Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames to customize your car in a simple and inexpensive way.