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Triangle Fraternity Holiday Ornaments & Gifts

You're a social fraternity, and one of the most social times of the year is Christmas-time. When you're away at college, decorating your dorm with Triangle Fraternity Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments will help you feel right at home with your best college buds.
For a most attractive ornament, choose the Pewter Holiday Ornament. A wreath like charm hangs from the center of a larger wreath with a bow at the top. There's a small area where you can add personalization, such as the chapter name or motto "Veritas Omnia Vincit." Another charming ornament is the Holiday Glass Ornament, which is oval shaped, clear, and gently engraved with a "Happy Holidays" message.
You can also Design Your Own Ceramic Christmas Ornament on our site using your browser. Think of a photo or message that embodies the chapter or the great things that have happened during the year and add it to your special ornament. It could become an important part of chapter history.
Holiday shopping doesn't always have to happen at your local shopping mall. Sometimes you'll find just what you need and want at Greek Gear in our section listing Triangle Fraternity Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments for chapters and individual members.