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Triangle Fraternity Key Rings & Keychains

We sometimes take our keys and key charms for granted, but when you think about it they're with you everywhere you go. Bring your Triangle Fraternity colors and symbols everywhere you travel by purchasing Key Rings and Keychains.
If you've ever had trouble finding your keys, getting a distinctive keychain will help. The Pewter Key Ring is about as distinctive and eye-catching a charm as you can get. It's shaped like a circular Greek wreath with an image of the Triangle crest at the center. Your name is imprinted at the bottom. It looks like something that might cost a bundle, but it actually only costs about 10 bucks!
We also carry colorful keychains and BevKey rings that double as bottle openers here at Greek Gear. Navigate the "All Products" link under "Best Sellers" to find the full assortment of key rings and chains you can buy. You'll also find a link for "Items Under $15.00" where you can browse even more inexpensive yet popular gifts for fraternity members in college.
Order your custom Triangle Fraternity Key Rings and Keychains here, and be sure to tell your fellow chapter brothers where you got such a great deal for under $10!