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Triangle Fraternity Desk & Office Items

You and your chapter brothers probably had so many great times together in school that it's hard to remember every single detail. Putting Triangle Fraternity Desk and Office Items in your workspace might help jog your memory.
It's easy to keep your desk in order when you have a Keepsake Box for organizing your small items. It's just big enough to fit a small stapler, small envelopes, tape and other school supplies. It's just small enough to fit inside of your desk drawer. You can also use it as a jewelry box to store your fraternity pin, rings and charms.
The main purpose of a paperweight is to hold your important papers in place so that they don't blow away, but the Triangle Fraternity Marble paperweight has an even more important purpose: it reminds you of the code of ethics of your fraternity and the idea that "Truth Conquers All." You could even have that short motto etched into the surface. Use it as a motivational tool as well as a way to stay organized
Stay reminded of your Triangle Fraternity commitment and values by organizing your work area using Desk and Office Items from Greek Gear. A great value every time you shop!