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Triangle Fraternity Stickers & Decals

Stick with us at Greek Gear, and you are sure to find plenty of paraphernalia to wear and decorate your personal effects with this year at school. Start of by adding a few Triangle Fraternity Stickers and Decals to your shopping bag.
If you want something small and simple to give someone who has just joined the fraternity, order them a set of Greek stickers. They'll adhere to just about any item he possesses, whether it's a journal or portfolio, cellphone or iPad cover. Not to mention, they are pretty inexpensive gifts -- sometimes costing under $5 per sticker.
In addition to stickers for the outside of your windows, like the Greek Letter Window Sticker Decal for Triangle members, we also have stickers for the inside windows of cars and notebooks. Some sticker styles allow you to choose a color. Click the Shop Now link to see all the stickers we have available for fraternity groups and bookmark this page to stay updated as our catalog grows.
We can help you turn every item of importance that you own into old rose and gray Greek paraphernalia. Just order a few Triangle Fraternity Stickers and Decals and you're all set for the semester ahead.