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Triangle Fraternity Robes, Towels & Slippers

When you were in high school, you did high school things, like wearing ripped t-shirts and shorts around the house. Now that you're a Triangle Fraternity member in college, it's time to officially upgrade to Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels. If you only buy yourself one thing to wear at home here, make it a bathrobe for Greeks. It's one of the most comfortable robes you'll find on the market -- it's the perfect way to luxuriate in your chapter house on the weekends after a long week of meetings, lectures, assignments and planning sessions. The plush robe is available in red, black, white and a few other colors. If you get one more thing, get a pair of matching plush slippers for fraternity guys. Once you wear these slippers, the chance that you'll go back to hard flip flops is slim. If you don't find what you're looking for right here, just click the Greek Gear main menu and find the "Fraternity Clothing" link under "Fraternity Best Sellers." Browse the full selection of products and you'll see that each item in this category is made with an image of each individual organization's logo or crest. You can make every moment that you spend at home in your dorm room extra-special by ordering Triangle Fraternity Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels to wear. If youre going to wear flip flops and slippers around the house, why not wear house shoes made just for TRIANGLE members!? Thats what we offer in this special section -- footwear for the home and for wearing to class (if theres really any difference between the two at 8am!).

Lettered Flip Flops are some of our best sellers—theyre a major upgrade from the standard styles you might find in stores. For instance, the Chevron Color flip flops are made with your colors and a lettered emblem containing your name, so your roommate will think twice before borrowing them for the shower! And if you want to be comfy and classy while shuffling around the chapter house, get a pair of Crest or Solid letter slippers. As you can see, we have your feet covered here at !