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Zeta Beta Tau Paddles

If you've ever tried to make a paddle by hand, you know how time-consuming it can be. Cut down on the crafting time by buying Zeta Beta Tau Paddles from Greek Gear. We also carry distinctive Picture Frames that you'll probably have a hard time finding in stores. Have a browse.
When you make an important decision like joining a fraternity at school, you want to memorialize the moment with a special gift, like the Custom Fraternity Paddle. When you engrave a message in wood it's fairly permanent -- sort of like a message written in history. This particular paddle has space for engraved text on both the front and back.
Some of our ZBT customers prefer to own a unique and colorful paddle that will stand out from the rest. The Custom Full Color Paddle is the ideal choice if this is what you've been looking for. The Z and T letters are blue, the B is white, and the background features the diamond logo from your fraternal crest. It's really eye-catching.
Getting a unique Greek gift is easy when you start your search at . Check out our selection of Zeta Beta Tau Paddles and Picture Frames, choose one and make it just right for you or your recipient.