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Custom Tees

Zeta Beta Tau Stickers & Decals

When you're a new fraternity brother, you want to label everything in sight with your ZBT letters. If this sounds like you, you're in luck, because we sell a variety of Zeta Beta Tau Stickers and Decals for members of your organization.
If you take a moment to consider it, you probably have well over a dozen things in your dorm room or apartment that would look even better with a ZBT sticker on the front. For example, an Oval Crest Bumper Sticker is a nice choice for the top of your laptop. The Water Slide Decal can be placed at the center of your headboard. The array of stickers available on the Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet can be placed on notebooks, portfolios, folders, binders, cellphone covers and more.
Are you the proud owner of an automobile on campus? If so, a Long Window Decal will fit right into the back window. It's white and lined with blue ink. It's a gift that you can give a member for under $5. If you own a motorcycle or moped, you'll find a place for a Greek Letter Window Sticker Decal (about 2 inches tall).
Adorn everything that you own with medium blue, white and gold Zeta Beta Tau Stickers and Decals. Check each product page to see if quantity discounts apply.