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Alpha Epsilon Phi Buttons, Pins & Magnets

You can wear Alpha Epsilon Phi Buttons anywhere and everywhere on campus and beyond. We also have tiny little Magnets that you can feature on the mini fridge in your dorm room. It can be a daily reminder of your special sisterhood.

Wear a Flag Shaped Button at every recruitment event that you and the girls throw this year. It will make it so much easier for potentials to identify you as a member (especially if you're also wearing an AEPhi sorority t-shirt). It's designed with a green and white striped pattern with a Greek letter on each panel. You'll probably also like the Heart Shaped Button, which matches your sorority motto (Many Hearts...) and is imprinted with the organization name in a script-lettered font

You will have a different sorority button to wear every day of the week when you buy the Sorority Buttons 6-Pack. Variety is the spice of life after all. You'll also receive an assortment of magnets for your refrigerator or magnetized cork board when you order the Alpha Epsilon Phi Greek Sorority Magnet pack.

After you preview our Alpha Epsilon Phi Buttons & Magnets, hop on over to the main menu to see our sorority jewelry and top selling gifts. You can wear your sorority pride in the most colorful, fun and classy ways with the AEPhi merchandise available at Greek Gear!