Alpha Sigma Alpha Made Fast Items

You need every extra moment you can get to study and plan new, exciting Alpha Sigma Alpha events. Save time by shopping for Greek Gear from our listing of Easy to Order Made Fast Merchandise.

If you only own one piece of para, let it be a Jewelry Lavaliere. You can wear this shiny little charm every day to show your sorority pride. It's available in three different metal colors -- silver, white gold and yellow gold. Wear it on a chain or add it to your favorite bracelet. Another accessory you might like is the sorority belt buckle featuring Dot the Ladybug. You can buy it with a belt or use it to decorate your favorite school bag.

We can also get the ASA Discount Paddle to you relatively fast. It is imprinted with the sorority crest (full color) and black engraved Greek letters, but it leaves you plenty of room to add your own "flavor." You can make it a craft project -- add rhinestones, pearls, rubies and stickers.

The Alpha Sigma Alpha Easy to Order Made Fast Items that we sell will last throughout your time at school and beyond. See the main menu for the full catalog of apparel and merchandise for your upcoming events.