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Top Selling Alpha Sigma Phi Items

Top Selling Alpha Sigma Phi Items

We frequently get questions about our top selling items here at -- particularly from gift givers and family members. When you give a gift, you want to make sure that you're giving something that your giftee will LOVE and be able to use. So this section is dedicated to our top selling Alpha Sigma Phi items.

Take one look at the Rugby Shirt and you'll see why it's a top seller. It's an attractive long-sleeved collared shirt with horizontal stripes and an image of the Alpha Sig crest at the heart. It goes great with anything. Another "can't-miss" item to get someone as a gift is the Snapback Hat, with its many customizable options.

Greeks who are going into business or starting a new job really appreciate getting the Crest Briefcase Attache, because they can pretty much carry their whole professional life in that one bag. And of course, Jewelry and Lavalieres made for Greeks are hot sellers.

We are happy to publish this list of Top Selling Alpha Sigma Phi Items to make it easy to find the most popular gifts among fraternity members. If you're looking for a specific item, contact the Greek Gear team at the Customer Service link or call 866-473-3543.