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Questions to Ask PNMs on Day 1 of Recruitment

Questions to Ask PNMs on Day 1 of Recruitment

Oct 30th 2023

Structuring your questions for different rounds of sorority recruitment is a strategic way to gradually get to know potential new members (PNMs) better and assess their fit for your sorority. The first day of sorority recruitment is about creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for PNMs and making initial connections. Subsequent days involve deeper conversations and structured rounds to assess the compatibility between the PNMs and the sororities.

Day 1 of sorority recruitment, often called "Open House" or "Icebreaker Round," differs from the subsequent days in several ways. It is conducted in a large group setting, with PNMs rotating through various sorority houses for brief, informal, and unstructured conversations. These interactions are shorter due to time constraints, with the focus on creating a friendly atmosphere, breaking the ice, and making positive first impressions. The limited time on the first day does not allow for more in-depth discussions or specific questions. Sisters should ask questions that are light and easy to answer. This helps you get to know the PNMs on a surface level and initiate conversations.

Questions to ask PNMs on Day 1 of Recruitment

What's your major?

This is a classic icebreaker question that allows PNMs to share a bit about their academic interests without feeling pressured.

Where are you from?

A simple question that can lead to discussions about hometowns, family, and shared experiences.

What did you do this [summer/winter/spring] break?

Learning about a PNM's activities over break offers insights into their pastimes and how they use their free time. It helps in understanding their personality and how they may contribute to the sorority's social and community activities.

Do you have any hobbies or interests you're passionate about?

Encourages PNMs to talk about their interests and hobbies, which can reveal some of their personality and passions.

What's your favorite thing about [the name of your school]?

This question initiates positive conversations about the college and helps you gauge their initial impression of your campus.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

This open-ended question allows PNMs to share something unique or personal about themselves, fostering conversation and connection.

Why did you decide to come out for recruitment?

This question delves into a PNM's motivations for joining a sorority. Their response can reveal if their values and aspirations align with the sorority's mission and if they genuinely want to be a part of the community.

Are you looking into any other clubs or campus organizations?

By inquiring about other club interests, you can determine the PNM's potential to contribute to the sorority's diversity and discover hidden talents or skills that could benefit the chapter.

Do you have any questions for me?

The PNM has probably prepared questions to ask during recruitment. Give them a minute to ask, which will also give you insight into their interest and preparedness for the process!

Day 1 is a whirlwind - for you and the PNMs! Keep question topics basic and try and ask similar questions to each PNM so you can compare equally. This first day, you are looking for the vibe of the PNM, so don't worry about being too serious - they want to know that they will have fun with your group, too!