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Delta Delta Delta Car Merchandise & License Plates

You've made the right choice shopping for Delta Delta Delta paraphernalia here at Greek Gear. We've compiled a comprehensive listing of Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames for Tri Delta members.

It's nice to add a little personality to your car to distinguish it from the rest of the vehicles on the road. The Tri Delta License Cover is just the thing. It's a pretty bright blue plate that you can put on the front bumper of your car. The Monogram License Plate Cover is an even more attention-grabbing plate that is perfect for a young freshman initiate. It has a bright yellow Chevron pattern that looks like a slice of sunshine.

Alum members and seniors like the Delta Delta Delta Chrome Car Emblem because it's an understated way to declare your affiliation. It's a small car badge that can be placed on the back bumper of your vehicle or even behind the headrests. You'll probably find a few uses for this distinctive looking emblem in your home or office as well.

You probably came here after doing a query for quality Greek paraphernalia. Well, ask and you shall receive! We've delivered you a comprehensive selection of Delta Delta Delta gear, including Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames.