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Delta Delta Delta Key Rings & Keychains

Put a unique Delta Delta Delta ring or chain on your keys so that you will instantly know which set to grab when you're rushing out of the door in the morning. They're attractive and expressive sorority charms that you will have near you at all times.

Key chains are small yet noticeable enough to be noticed by others you come into company with. Interested freshwomen will definitely notice the cute mascot keychain that's made for Tri-Delta members. It's a leather-like charm shaped like a cheerful blue dolphin. Expect plenty of "where did you get that's" from your friends. If you like this chain, you'll also like the Custom Mascot Keychain. It's also decorated with an image of a dolphin taking a flying leap over the sorority crest.

In the jewelry section we offer Lavaliere charms made with your Greek letters in a vertical arrangement. The Letter Keyring matches the silver lavaliere, except it's made for a set of keys. You can also hook it to your bookbag for a nice touch. Another item you might want to hook to your bag for convenience is the Leatherette ID Key Holder, which also holds your cards and small bills.

The prices of our Delta Delta Delta Key Rings and Keychains are so reasonable that you might just want to come back every semester for a new one. Enjoy your Greek Gear shopping experience, and let us know if you have any questions about our product line!