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Top Selling Delta Upsilon Items

Top Selling Delta Upsilon Items

It's good form to attend community service projects, outdoor activities with interests and parties wearing Greek paraphernalia. See the new Delta Upsilon gear we have for sale at .

Wear your fraternity colors at every workout, every jog and every practice by wearing a Greek Gear t-shirt for DU members. There's the $15 Delta Upsilon Lettered T-Shirt (price may vary over time), which is designed with twill Greek letters sim-stitched to the front. This shirt is good for trips to the gym. If you prefer the great outdoors for your workouts, get the Lettered Camouflage T-Shirt instead. The Lettered Raglan Tee is nice for a pick-up game of baseball with your friends.

Professional fraternity merchandise is also popular at Greek Gear, like the gorgeous Gold Plated Flag Cufflinks we sell for Delta Upsilon fraternity members. It's adorned with the blue and gold DU Flag. Some customers prefer the Color Crest Cuff links for their intricate depiction of the fraternity crest.

Buy enough Delta Upsilon gear to ensure that you can wear your fraternity letters and symbols at least once or twice per week during the semester. Put these Top Selling Delta Upsilon Items at the top of your shopping list this year.