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Phi Kappa Psi Umbrellas & Golf Items

All work and no play is no good. You need some fun to refresh yourself and give your brain a break from all that studying and planning. Buy Phi Kappa Psi Recreational and Golf Items to use when you and your chapter brothers come together for good times.
What exactly is your idea of recreation? If outdoor sports or fishing is your thing, start off by getting yourself a comfortable Recreational Chair. It's one of those convenient portable chairs that you can fold up and put in your trunk for a day out. If a day on the green is your cup of tea, we have Phi Psi Putters and Greek Lettered Golf Balls that you can fill your golf bag with.
If you prefer to stay indoors and hang out with your chapter brothers, get a Poker Set so that you can play cards like real professionals. It contains cards, chips and dice for games of chance. There's also a set of poker chips (10 in a pack) that you can have personalized with your chapter's name.
There's always time for recreation -- college is one of the best times you'll have in your life, and should be enjoyed to the fullest. Fill up on Phi Kappa Psi Recreational and Golf Items for yourself or to keep handy in your chapter's game room.