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Phi Kappa Psi Stickers & Decals

Phi Kappa Psi Stickers & Decals

Stamping an item with a Phi Kappa Psi Sticker or Decal is like stamping it with your fraternal seal of approval. As soon as you add one of these stickers to your personal effects they automatically become paraphernalia.
Check out the price tag on most of these fraternity stickers and decals -- they are almost all priced under $10. One popular sticker is the black and white Oval Crest Bumper Sticker, which only costs about $3. It will look nice in the corner of the mirror in your dorm room or on a side window of your car. The Euro Decal Oval Sticker is a similar style for around 4 bucks.
If you want more than one sticker to use on your stuff, get the Water Slide Decal. There are two separate decals on the same sheet -- one is a green and red image of the fraternity crest and the other is a bright, bold image of your Greek letters. Just use a pair of scissors to separate them and store them in a drawer for future use. There's also a sheet of over a dozen stickers in varied sizes.
If you're on a budget but still need para to help promote your fraternity throughout the semester, get Phi Kappa Psi Stickers and Decals. These are also great to add to gift packs for new initiates!