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Phi Kappa Sigma Desk & Office Items

We can help you make your desk at school a more interesting place to sit down and get your work done with Phi Kappa Sigma Desk and Office Items.
Order the Phi Kap Keepsake Box so that you will have something nice looking that you can store your small desk items and valuable trinkets inside of. The 3" deep box is made of solid dark walnut and is about the size of a standard photo (5x7). We also list a wooden pen set for Phi Kappa Sigmas that you can either carry with you to business meetings or keep atop your desk do decoration.
For a desk item that holds some "weight," get the PKS Paperweight. Not only will it hold down your papers--it will also give you something that you can look at with pride, in remembrance of your time as an undergrad fraternity member. If you fancy yourself a writer or need a way to keep organized notes, get the Leatherette Portfolio with your crest symbol on the front.
Phi Kappa Sigma Desk and Office Items are ideal gifts when you're shopping for a member who is about to graduate or who has already joined the ranks of Skullhouse alumni. Discover the perfect present for yourself or a fellow member!