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Phi Sigma Sigma Sale Items

Freshen up your wardrobe with affordable Greek clothing from our catalog of Phi Sigma Sigma Sale Items. From time to time, we'll list closeout specials, which are only available while supplies last.

Thanks to Greek Gear, you can buy a different sorority tee for each day of the week and still have cash left over to chip in for a weekend road trip with your sisters and friends. Here's a quick shopping suggestion that will cost you around 60 bucks: buy a World Famous Crest Tee in white and light blue, then a Phi Sigma Sigma Lettered Tee as pictured (royal blue with blue and gold letters) and a pretty pink Typographic Tee. This is a diverse collection of t-shirts that you can put into rotation throughout the semester.

Are you tired of your cellphone cover? Replace it with a Polka Dots Phone Cover for Phi Sigs. It is made in a gorgeous shade of blue that almost appears reflective. There's a space under your polka dot covered letters for your first name. It's available with a white or black trim.

In addition to saving money by shopping for Phi Sigma Sigma Closeouts and Sale Items, you'll also benefit from low cost ground shipping to your school or home. Greek Gear's got you covered.