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Tau Epsilon Phi Car Merchandise & License Plates

We offer Tau Epsilon Phi members a nice selection of Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames that you can put on your vehicle. You've probably seen one or more of these car decals or frames on cars or trucks in passing or while they were parked on the street.

Whether you drive to campus every day or just use it on the weekends, it's nice to know that your car is embellished with your fraternity symbols. The simplest way to display your letters while driving is with a Custom License Plate frame -- you have the option to choose the text and background color of the frame as well as add your own short custom phrase to the bottom.

There's also a few frames that you can apply to the front plate of your car, particularly if you live in a one-plate state. The Lettered License Cover is an attractive silver plate with a space for personalized text. There's even a trailer hitch cover for TEP members who love their trucks and jeeps.

It's fun to decorate your car with these Tau Epsilon Phi Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames. You can have some sort of symbol of your fraternity on display at the front, back and sides of your car if you want!