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Theta Xi Hats and Visors

Theta Xi Hats and Visors

Frat hats, as they're often called, are a staple for most fraternity member and college students. Instead of wearing a boring sports hat that everyone else on campus is wearing, buy yourself Theta Xi Hats and Visors made for just for Greeks.

Do you like to wear your hat to the back, the side or with the brim pulled down low on your forehead? Whichever is your preference, we've got a great hat for that, like the World Famous Line Hat. The brim is low and curved to shield your forehead and eyes. You can have your own words embroidered into the fabric on front beneath your letters and also add your name to the back (optional).

For a hat that you'll probably want to wear every chance you get, order the Flatbill Snapback Hats Original. This hat is fully customizable, from the color of the brim and panels to the font style of the letters embroidered on the front. It's the classic snapback that you might find in a sporting goods store, except it features your fraternity information instead of a sports team logo.

Our customers have fun shopping the custom merchandise we offer here at Greek Gear. You're your cart with Theta Xi Hats and Visors today, tomorrow you can start on frat t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys and more!