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Top Selling Triangle Fraternity Items

Top Selling Triangle Fraternity Items

As a member of a top fraternity, having the best fraternity gear is definitely a top priority. This page lists our Top Selling Items for Triangle Fraternity members who attend colleges across the United States.
One item that will probably not ever go out of style with Triangle gentlemen is the red (or maroon) and white striped Rugby Shirt. This shirt style has been around for about as long as the sport. It is made with a short buttoned opening and stiff white collars. You can wear them with jeans, khakis, chinos and dress slacks.
Another product that will continue to be ordered and worn by Triangle members at school is the Lettered Camouflag T-Shirt. Fraternity guys sometimes like to hold competitions with each other or other Greek chapters on campus. This is a great shirt to wear if you're going to crawl through the mud or slide into third base. The Engineers' Transit symbol is sim-stitched to the center of the shirt in your fraternity colors.
When you order Top Selling Triangle Fraternity Items, you get a great deal and we get a great new customer. Keep us in mind for all of your future Greek Gear needs, and be sure to let the customer service team know if you have questions about custom orders!