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Questions to ask PNMs on Recruitment Day 2 and Beyond

Nov 27th 2023

After making it through all your questions on the first day of recruitment, as an initiated sister you might feel question fatigue - like you've already talked about everything! Day two through Pref Day are about better understanding the PNMs and assessing their compatibility with your sorority. These in-depth questions should reveal their values, motivations, and commitment.

Questions to ask PNMs after Round 1 of Recruitment

What motivated you to attend [the name of your school]?

This question delves deeper into their college choice and can reveal their aspirations and expectations.

Can you share an experience that has shaped your values or beliefs?

This question encourages PNMs to reflect on their life experiences and discuss their core values.

How do you see yourself contributing to our sorority's mission and goals?

By asking this question, you gauge their understanding of your sorority's mission and how they can actively participate in achieving it.

What qualities do you think make a strong member of a sorority?

This question reveals what they consider important in a sorority member and allows you to see if their values align with your sorority's values.

In challenging times, how do you handle stress and support your peers?

This question assesses their interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and their potential to be a supportive and collaborative member of your sorority.

Do you have any questions for me?

You did this in round one - but it's still important to give the PNM a minute to ask questions they prepared. They may have new questions based on your conversation, or things they learned after day one.

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